Legendary Excellence Timer: A New Generation of High Imitation Vanguard Pilot Series Mark 17 IW326501 (ETA2892-A2)

Seventeen, I have done a detailed version of the strip version, this is not a detailed version of the steel version of the companion piece, which is a new rolex replica on the basis of the original do A more beautiful improvement, is also present, you can now see the most beautiful imitation of the nations Mark 17. (May 26, 2015) If you want to know the best of the current high imitation Mark 17, then I recommend this article you read carefully, it will be helpful, First of all, I'll give you a brief overview of the content of this article, this article I will pass the case & mirror, literal & pointer, back cover & magnetic cover, buckle detail, movement. Four sections to carry out detailed. This article can be seen as a high imitation IW326501 IW326501 soft text, but at the same time the show is indeed the best copy of IW326501. But also the closest to the original version of the high imitation IW326501 Case & Mirror Case continues to maintain the previous version of the fine work under the premise of the mirror has done an improvement in the future of the mirror inside the blue anti-reflective coating performance is more obvious, so that the mirror in the polarizing environment can be shown Very noticeable blue. At the same time because the coating on the inside of the mirror so that the whole coating in any case will not be used in the process of scratches, which is in any previous version are not obvious. Literals & pointers Compared to the past, the literal improvement is in a very small place, the calendar on the left side of the triangle mark, the color adjustment is replica rolex watches more beautiful, no doubt that this small change means to re-create the entire literal, in the past Of the version, the literal overall situation can be said to have been very good. So in other details, including the font & font position, still maintain its original appearance. Back cover & Magnetically shielded & Movement slot The latest version of the imitation of all countries Mark 17 all the lettering process has switched to the most advanced laser engraving technology, the clarity of the carving and detail to the unprecedented height of the show (see the following figure can be specific buckle Details) At the same time will be anti-magnetic cover and authentic polishing done in the same, with the anti-magnetic function at the same time, more importantly, the appearance and the same as genuine beautiful. In the past version of the movement slot for the pure copper to create, the latest version of the movement slot for the stainless steel material. Strap & Clasp detail Unidentified Li, this is all you can see in the high imitation table of the Mark 17, carved the best watch clasp. As well as the highest quality crocodile leather strap Movement This watch is equipped with uk replica watches original ETA2892-A2 movement, the movement on the network description seems to have been very much. Here I will not repeat the explanation. If you do not understand this movement, want to learn about this movement of the relevant data, you can read this one post. summary: Well, the article here to the end of the section. I believe we have this new version of the Mark 17 has a new understanding of it, although the past version is good enough, but once again can be said to completely upgrade another one to do the table. But there is no doubt that the results obtained by doing so is very good. If my personal standards, this Mark 17 is enough to be called a high score of high imitation table. Well, here to thank everyone for watching