Made in Switzerland! The whole network the most detailed ETA 7751 & Mido (MIDO) Cal.1321 movement Xiangjie

April 24 I updated an overview of the movement of China-made complex function, that is, the movement of Shanghai 7751 overview of the movement to explain the 7751 movement and a lot of the actual shooting pictures, this article belongs to the Shanghai 7751 machine Core article, this article I will mainly explain the original Swiss ETA7751 movement of some of the features, and I will explain some of my own brand of Swiss watches for the civilian understanding and understanding, if you want to know ETA7751 movement or the United States Degree Cal.1321 movement of the relevant information, then this article must be online on the ETA7751 & Calendars Cal.1321 movement of the most comprehensive detailed. (none of them) First of all, I would like to uk replica watches introduce today's specimens Mido perfect series M8361.4.11.1 used by the ETA7751 movement, Mido internal code Cal.1321 movement, this table is the counter price is 20900, can be regarded as the cheapest genuine brand and equipped with ETA7751 Watch out. But also the United States and the people of the most popular brands in the cheapest complex timer watches. First of all, we look at the appearance, if you want to compare domestic and Swiss friends can find me to write the article in Shanghai 7751 to contrast, I personally do not like to take the price is not a platform thing to do a completely unfair The so-called "contrast." Appearance Overview: We can see that this replica watches movement in terms of appearance and ETA7750 & Shanghai 7750 & Shanghai 7751 appearance difference is not great, but the United States in the ETA to customize this batch of ETA7751 movement also do some low-cost But their own things, such as the entire movement can see the deck part of all done pearl pattern of Polish, all the appearance of the screws, all replaced by the United States unique blue screws to increase the brand's characteristics. Key Features: We can note that ETA Department and Shanghai Department of the largest movement of the appearance of different colors from the shock absorber, Swiss shock absorber color closer to the purple gem, of course, lettering, and accessories of the details of the lettering in the past For a long time. Many people like to open the mold of the movement of Shanghai after raising the value of the lettering, or directly pretend ETA77 movement sales, with the passage of time more and more people understand the Shanghai Department of 77 movement, while ETA and Shanghai Department of movement in the use of feelings, and durability is not in a heavyweight. This is a small parts of the work together by the results of sophisticated, but also strictly control the quality of all the results of accessories, not what is unique ETA Cheats. Such as the Shanghai 77 series production of 1000 movement, 900 will be qualified for sales, may ETA production of 1000 movement, in their system, may be only 100 is qualified, and the rest can only be used as accessories, Of course, this is ETA Movemnet worth 10 times higher than the reason for Shanghai. ETA SA can also be enduring style. About functions In the Shanghai Department of 7751 movement in detail, on the movement of the eight-pin design features I have done a detailed explanation, and here will not repeat. Of course, after understanding the principles of these functional mechanisms can also be modified by the relevant disk to watch become more interesting, more unique, these small changes in the future I will try to change some, some inspiration for everyone. summary: Well, this article belongs to the end of replica rolex watches the movement 7751 Department of the text, I believe that the Department of Shanghai and ETA Department of the article, we have a large depth of understanding of the 7751 movement it, but also some of the People First brand " Independent movement "also understand it, I am not a black genuine black text. On the contrary, in my opinion, the price of 20000 yuan carrying ETA7751 MIDO movement is indeed a very good price, if some people like the 7751 movement, while the conditions are limited, then the United States perfect series is definitely one of the best choice.